Texas Attorney General Candidates

In the 2020 Texas Elections, there are four candidates running for Attorney General. Ken Paxton is the incumbent and is running as a Republican; Justin Nelson is the Democratic nominee; Michael Ray Harris is running as an independent; and Jesús “Chuy” Garza III has declared candidacy with no party affiliation. Ken Paxton was elected in 2014 and won reelection in 2018 with over 50% of the vote.

He previously served as a state representative from 2003 to 2013 before being appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve on the Texas State Securities Board in 2012. Justin Nelson currently serves on faculty at The University of Texas School of Law where he teaches courses such as Constitutional Law, Voting Rights Law, Free Speech Law, Campaign Finance Law and Supreme Court Litigation. Prior to his teaching career he practiced law at Susman Godfrey LLP focusing primarily on complex commercial litigation matters before joining Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP in 2006 where he specialized in appellate practice and white collar crime defense work throughout Texas courts .

Michael Ray Harris has been an attorney since 2009 specializing areas such as civil/commercial litigation, family law cases, contract disputes etc.. He also owns Arrow Investigations LLC which provides licensed private investigations services for individuals or businesses who need help gathering evidence or information related to criminal activity within their organization or personal life.

Jesús “Chuy” Garza III works for Davis & Balli PLLC where he practices immigration law representing people facing deportation proceedings due to their legal status within United States borders along with advising employers regarding compliance issues under federal regulations that pertain employment eligibility verification requirements set forth by U.S Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

The 2018 Texas Attorney General race is already heating up, with several high-profile candidates vying for the position. Current Republican candidate Ken Paxton faces a formidable challenge from former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, whose campaign has been backed by progressive activists and major Texas donors. In addition to these two leading contenders, there are several other notable candidates hoping to secure their place as the next Attorney General of Texas.

These include Kim Ogg (D), Michael Ray Harris (L) and Marc Veasey (D). With such a competitive field of experienced politicians, it will be an interesting race to watch in the coming months!

Texas Attorney General Candidates 2022

The 2022 Texas Attorney General election is scheduled for November 8, 2022. Incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton (Republican) is running for re-election to a third term in office and has been endorsed by the Texas Republican Party. A number of Democratic candidates have announced their candidacy for the position, including former state representative Chris Turner, Austin lawyer Kim Olson, and San Antonio attorney Miguel Suazo.

The primary election will be held on March 1st with a runoff set to take place on May 24th if necessary. It promises to be an interesting race as all three major party candidates look to make their case before voters across the Lone Star State.

Texas Attorney General Polls 2022

The 2022 Texas Attorney General race is already heating up. With incumbent Ken Paxton opting not to run for re-election, Texas voters are eagerly awaiting the results of the polls that will decide who will be their next Attorney General. Candidates from both major parties have already announced their intention to run and more are expected to join in the coming months as we approach election day.

The outcome of this important statewide race could have a major impact on how state laws and regulations are enforced, so it’s no surprise Texans across the state are taking these polls very seriously.

Candidates for Attorney General

The Attorney General is the top lawyer in a jurisdiction, often at the state level. Candidates for Attorney General must have a Juris Doctorate degree and be admitted to practice law. Additionally, they must demonstrate knowledge of legal concepts and expertise in criminal law and civil rights issues.

They should also possess strong interpersonal communication skills as well as an understanding of public policy matters in their state or region.

Texas Attorney General Primary Results 2022

The Texas Attorney General primary results of 2022 will determine who will be the Republican and Democratic candidates for the office in November. Voters can expect to see a crowded field of familiar faces vying for their vote, as numerous state legislators have thrown their hats into the ring. The most recent polling data suggests that incumbent Ken Paxton is favored by Republican voters while former Congressman Chris Bell is leading on the Democratic side.

With so much competition, it’s sure to be an exciting race from start to finish!

Texas Attorney General Race Polls

Recent polls from the Texas Tribune show that Republican attorney general candidate Ken Paxton is leading his Democrat opponent, Justin Nelson, by a 10-point margin. This poll, conducted in late October 2018, surveyed 1,200 registered voters and found that 45% of them would vote for Paxton while 35% said they’d vote for Nelson. The remaining 20% were undecided or chose another candidate.

These numbers suggest that if the election were to be held today, it’s likely that Ken Paxton would win the race to become Texas’ next attorney general.

Texas Attorney General Candidates

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How Much Does the Attorney General of Texas Make?

The Attorney General of Texas is the highest law enforcement officer in the state and is responsible for the protection of citizens. As such, they are paid a handsome salary. The current Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, makes an annual salary of $150,000 per year in addition to receiving other benefits such as retirement contributions.

This amount is on par with many other state attorneys general across the country and is reflective of the important role that this office plays within the government of Texas.

Who is Polling for Attorney General in Texas?

The 2018 election for Attorney General in Texas is between Republican incumbent Ken Paxton and Democratic candidate Justin Nelson. Polling for the race began shortly after both candidates announced their campaigns, and has been conducted by a variety of news organizations, including The Dallas Morning News, The Texas Tribune/University of Texas at Austin, Emerson College/7News Boston WHDH-TV, Quorum Report and KXAN-TV. Each poll has shown that Paxton holds a steady lead over his opponent.

According to recent polling data from the RealClearPolitics average as of October 27th 2018, Paxton leads among likely voters with 50% support while Nelson trails behind at 32%.

How Many Terms Can Texas Attorney General Serve?

In Texas, the Attorney General is a statewide elected official who serves a four-year term. Under state law, no person may serve as Attorney General for more than two successive terms. This means that an individual can serve up to 8 years in total as Attorney General of Texas before they must step down.

The current incumbent, Ken Paxton, was first elected in 2014 and has served two terms; the next election will take place in 2022 when he will be ineligible to run again due to having reached his limit of two consecutive terms.

How Much Does an Assistant Attorney General in Texas Make?

The salary of an assistant attorney general in Texas can vary depending on their experience. According to the State Auditor’s Office, entry-level attorneys have a starting salary of $46,512 per year and experienced attorneys may earn up to $150,000 annually. Additionally, they receive benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.

These salaries are competitive with those offered by other states and reflect the importance of having a highly qualified legal team working for the state government.


The Texas Attorney General election of 2020 is an important one for the state. With two experienced and qualified candidates, Texans will have a difficult choice to make in determining who they want to serve as their Attorney General. Both Ken Paxton and Justin Nelson are committed to upholding justice in our state, but each brings different perspectives on how best to do that.

Ultimately, it will be up to the voters of Texas to decide which candidate has the right vision and qualifications for serving as their next Attorney General.

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