Tax Attorney Memphis

A tax attorney in Memphis is an experienced lawyer who specializes in the complex and technical field of tax law. They provide legal advice, guidance, and representation to individuals or businesses regarding taxes and related matters. Tax attorneys can help clients with issues ranging from filing income tax returns to resolving disputes with the IRS.

They also assist clients in understanding their rights and obligations under state and national laws. Additionally, a tax attorney can help clients navigate through audits, negotiate settlements, defend against criminal charges related to taxes, initiate appeals for denied refunds or credits, manage trusts & estates planning and more.

If you’re looking for a Tax Attorney in Memphis, TN, then look no further than the experienced tax lawyers at The Law Office of Richard W. Vanderbilt. They have years of experience helping individuals and businesses with their taxes and understand the complexities that come along with filing your taxes accurately. From estate planning to business entity formation and beyond, they are well-versed in all areas of taxation law so you can rest assured that your tax issues will be handled properly.

With their knowledge and expertise, they can help ensure that your finances remain secure as you navigate through the ever-changing landscape of taxes in Tennessee.

Tax Attorney Memphis


What is the Maximum Salary for a Tax Attorney?

The maximum salary for a tax attorney can vary greatly depending on the individual’s experience, geographical location, and type of employer. According to, the average annual salary for a tax attorney in the United States is $115,845 per year as of 2021. Of course, salaries for tax attorneys range from much lower to significantly higher than this amount depending on many factors including work experience, education level (degrees held), specialization within the field of taxation law and whether or not the lawyer works in public or private practice.

In some cases, lawyers who specialize in complex areas such as international corporate taxation can earn even more due to their specialized knowledge and expertise. Additionally, those who have earned advanced degrees such as an LLM (Master’s Degree) in Taxation Law may be able to command even higher salaries than other attorneys practicing general business law or estate planning law.

How Much Does a Tax Attorney Make in Florida?

A tax attorney in Florida is likely to make an average salary of between $100,000 and $200,000 per year. This figure can vary depending on the size of the firm they work for and their experience level. The most experienced attorneys may earn more than this amount with bonuses or stock options depending on the nature of their job.

Tax attorneys are responsible for providing advice to clients about legal matters related to taxes, such as filing returns, planning how best to minimize a client’s tax liability, representing them in court if necessary and negotiating with federal or state agencies that determine taxes owed. In addition to these duties, many tax attorneys also provide other services like estate planning and international business law advising. With so much responsibility placed upon them it’s no surprise that salaries tend to be higher than other areas of law practice.

How Do I Become a Tax Attorney in Florida?

Becoming a tax attorney in Florida requires dedication, hard work, and the right educational background. To become a tax attorney in Florida, you will need to earn an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or college. Most students choose to major in accounting or business-related fields such as economics or finance.

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you must then attend law school and pass the bar exam for the state of Florida to become licensed as an attorney. Once you have completed these steps, it is important that you stay abreast of changes in taxation laws and regulations by continuing legal education courses. Additionally, joining professional organizations such as The Tax Lawyer’s Society can be beneficial for networking with other professionals and staying informed on current topics related to this field of practice.

Finally, if you plan on representing clients before the IRS or providing counsel on international taxation matters, becoming certified by one of these specialized agencies may be required depending upon your client’s needs.


In conclusion, Tax Attorney Memphis is a great firm to consider if you are looking for an experienced attorney who specializes in tax law. They provide comprehensive services and have the knowledge and experience needed to handle any tax issue that arises. Their team of professionals strive to make sure their clients receive the best possible outcome while navigating the complex world of taxes.

Whether it be filing a return, setting up a trust, or handling any other type of tax-related matter, Tax Attorney Memphis will do what it takes to ensure your financial situation is taken care of with efficiency and ease.

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