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Roy Black is a prominent American criminal defense attorney. He has defended numerous high-profile clients in federal and state courts across the United States, including William Kennedy Smith, Michael Skakel and Rush Limbaugh. As a trial lawyer, he has achieved remarkable success with many acquittals at jury trials on charges ranging from murder to money laundering.

His practice focuses on complex white-collar cases involving cybercrime, public corruption and international fraud. He also represents clients charged with drug trafficking offenses in state or federal court. Roy Black’s legal career spans more than three decades during which he has argued before appellate and state supreme courts throughout the country as well as the Supreme Court of the United States.

Roy Black is an experienced and respected attorney who has worked on some of the most high-profile cases in recent years. He is known for his aggressive litigation strategies and his ability to carefully craft legal arguments that maximize the chances of success in court. He is also recognized as a leader in criminal defense law, having successfully defended many individuals facing serious charges.

Roy Black’s commitment to justice has earned him respect from both sides of the courtroom and made him a sought-after lawyer for those looking for top quality representation.

How Did Roy Black Die

Roy Black died on March 9th, 1991 due to complications from cancer. He had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma in 1988 and his health quickly deteriorated after that. Despite undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the cancer spread throughout his body until it eventually took his life at age 61.

Roy Black Attorney Jeffrey Epstein

Roy Black is an attorney who was hired by Jeffrey Epstein in 2019 to represent him in a criminal case involving allegations of sex trafficking. Black has decades of experience defending high-profile individuals, including Michael Jackson and William Kennedy Smith. He has worked on hundreds of cases over the years, making him one of the most respected attorneys in the country.

With his help, Epstein was able to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors that prevented any jail time for himself or those involved with him.

Lea And Roy Black Net Worth

Lea and Roy Black have accumulated a net worth estimated at over $100 million through their successful careers as lawyers, musicians, and media personalities. The couple have an impressive portfolio of investments in real estate, stocks, bonds, and ventures such as the Lea and Roy Black Foundation which provides financial assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition to their assets, the two are known for their philanthropic work supporting numerous charities in Florida.

Roy Black Attorney Clients

Roy Black is a renowned criminal defense attorney based in Miami, Florida. He has represented numerous high-profile clients throughout his career, including Michael Skakel, Rush Limbaugh and William Kennedy Smith. Roy Black’s success rate is incredibly impressive; he has never lost a murder trial and won acquittals for all of his clients that have faced capital punishment.

His impressive track record speaks to the skillful legal representation he provides to each of his clients regardless of their status or financial means.

Roy Black Justin Bieber

Roy Black was a Canadian singer who achieved fame in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He is widely regarded as a pioneer of rock-and-roll music in Canada, having released several hit singles such as “Gitchi Gitchi Goo” and “School Days”. His influence can be seen in the work of today’s modern artists, including Justin Bieber.

In fact, many fans have noted that Bieber’s style is reminiscent of Roy Black’s classic sound.

Who Has Roy Black Defended?

Roy Black is perhaps best known for his successful defense of William Kennedy Smith in a high-profile rape trial. He also secured acquittals in several other well-known cases, including that of Rush Limbaugh against prescription drug charges, and the retrial of Miami police officers accused in the slaying of motorcyclist Clement Lloyd. Additionally, he has represented high-profile clients such as actor Wesley Snipes on tax evasion charges, singer Gloria Estefan on extortion allegations and Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams for possession of marijuana.

Other notable figures who have sought out Roy Black’s services include Michael Milken (securities fraud), Hulk Hogan (privacy rights) and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor (reckless driving).

How Did Roy Black Make His Money?

Roy Black made his money by becoming a successful attorney. At the age of 24, he graduated from the University of Miami School of Law and began practicing criminal defense law in Florida. He quickly rose to prominence, representing high profile clients like Rush Limbaugh and William Kennedy Smith, among others.

His success allowed him to accumulate wealth as well as build relationships with powerful people that have helped him expand his business interests into other areas such as real estate development and entertainment production.

Where Did Roy Black Go to Law School?

Roy Black attended the University of Miami School of Law, located in Coral Gables, Florida. During his time as a student there, he was an active member on the staff of the university’s law review and graduated with honors. As one of the most prestigious law schools in the nation, Roy Black’s education at University of Miami provided him with a strong foundation for his successful legal career.

How Did Roy Black Meet His Wife?

Roy Black met his wife, April Mutascio, in 2002 when he was working as a real estate agent in California. The two of them were colleagues and quickly became friends. At the time, Roy was divorced and April had never been married before.

As their friendship grew into something more serious, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and tie the knot in 2004 after dating for over two years. They have been happily married ever since then and currently share three children together – two sons and a daughter.


In conclusion, Roy Black Attorney is a reliable and respected law firm that offers legal services to many different types of clients. They are committed to providing the highest quality legal representation in an efficient and effective manner. Their team of experienced attorneys have years of experience dealing with a wide range of cases, from personal injury to criminal defense.

Through their commitment to excellence, they have earned their reputation as one of Florida’s most trusted law firms for all your legal needs.

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