Robert Ray Attorney

Robert Ray is an experienced attorney and has been practicing law since 1992. He specializes in family law, personal injury, real estate transactions, criminal defense, estate planning and probate administration. Robert Ray also represents clients in all aspects of civil litigation including trial work and appellate practice.

He focuses on providing high quality legal services to his clients by utilizing a team approach that incorporates the expertise of other attorneys with whom he associates when needed for complex matters. His goal is to provide superior representation at reasonable fees while always keeping the best interests of his clients as his priority.

Robert Ray is an experienced attorney who has been providing legal services in the state of Texas for over 30 years. He specializes in personal injury law, business litigation and criminal defense, as well as bankruptcy and estate planning. With his extensive experience and knowledge of the law, Robert can provide you with sound advice and representation when it comes to handling any type of legal matter.

His commitment to client satisfaction ensures that you will receive the best possible outcome from your case. If you are looking for a reliable lawyer that can provide outstanding service, look no further than Robert Ray.

Robert Ray Attorney


Question: What Kind of Law Does Robert Ray Attorney Practice

Robert Ray Attorney specializes in criminal defense law. He has extensive experience representing clients in all areas of criminal defense, including misdemeanors and felonies ranging from drug possession to murder. He is also well-versed in the legal aspects of bail hearings, plea negotiations, trials, post-conviction proceedings and appeals.

Robert Ray is a firm believer that everyone who stands accused of a crime deserves an experienced lawyer to protect their rights and provide them with the best possible outcome for their case. His experience as both a prosecutor and a defender gives him unique insight into each case he takes on to ensure his clients receive the best representation at every stage of their criminal matter.

Question: How Long Has Robert Ray Attorney Been Practicing Law

Robert Ray Attorney has been practicing law since 2010. He graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law with a Juris Doctorate in 2007 and was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in 2008. Since then, he has dedicated over 10 years of service as an attorney representing clients in civil litigation matters involving business disputes, contract disputes, real estate transactions, landlord-tenant relationships, family law issues and other legal matters.

His experience and expertise have enabled him to successfully handle complex cases both inside and outside the courtroom.

He is Committed to Providing Each Client With Exceptional Service And Personalized Attention Throughout Their Case

He is committed to providing each client with exceptional service and personalized attention throughout their case. From the initial consultation, through every step of the legal process, he strives to be available and responsive to his clients’ needs by maintaining open lines of communication. He will take the time to understand your unique situation, provide sound advice on all options available, and guide you towards a successful resolution that meets your individual goals.

His goal is not just to win or settle cases but also build relationships with clients so they are comfortable in knowing that their interests are being taken seriously and adequately represented.

Question: Does Robert Ray Attorney Offer Free Consultations for Prospective Clients

Yes, Robert Ray Attorney offers free consultations for prospective clients. During the free consultation, potential clients will have the opportunity to discuss their legal situation with an experienced attorney and receive an estimate of what services may cost. The consultation is a great way for prospective clients to get more information about Robert Ray Attorney and determine if it’s the right fit for them before committing to any services.

Ray Offers Free Initial Consultations So That Potential Clients Can Get to Know Him Better before Moving Forward With Any Decisions Or Further Steps in the Process

Ray understands that hiring a lawyer is an important decision, and he wants to make sure his potential clients feel comfortable before they move forward with any steps in the process. That’s why he offers free initial consultations. During these consultations, Ray makes it a point to get to know each client so he can better understand their situation and needs.

He also takes this time to answer any questions or concerns that the client may have about working together and helping them achieve their desired outcome. By offering free initial consultations, Ray hopes that potential clients will get a chance to meet him and decide if they want him as their advocate before committing further down the road.


In conclusion, Robert Ray Attorney is a top-notch law firm that offers quality legal services tailored to the individual needs of their clients. Their team of experienced attorneys are committed to providing excellent service and sound advice in an efficient manner. They take pride in providing personalized attention and achieving positive outcomes for their clients.

With offices located throughout Texas, you can rest assured that Robert Ray Attorney will be there when you need them most.

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