Michael Mcmillan Lawyer

Michael McMillan is a highly experienced and dedicated lawyer with over 25 years of experience in the legal industry. He has been involved in numerous high profile cases throughout his career, including civil litigation, criminal defense, family law and corporate transactions. Michael is known for his strong advocacy skills and ability to provide innovative solutions to complex legal matters.

His keen insight into the law ensures that he always provides clients with sound advice when it comes to making important decisions about their case. Additionally, Michael’s commitment to providing excellent client service sets him apart from other lawyers. By approaching each case with empathy and understanding, he can ensure that justice is served while at the same time protecting his clients’ rights every step of the way.

Michael Mcmillan is a highly respected lawyer known for his expertise in civil litigation and corporate law. He has worked on several high-profile cases, including successfully representing the defendants in a class action lawsuit against a major insurance company. His experience and knowledge of the legal system have allowed him to provide sound counsel to both businesses and individuals alike.

With an impressive track record of success, Michael Mcmillan is one of the most sought after lawyers in civil litigation today.

Michael Mcmillan Lawyer

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Question : What Type of Law Does Michael Mcmillan Practice

Michael Mcmillan is an experienced and qualified lawyer who specializes in estate planning law. He has extensive knowledge of trusts, wills, probate law, and guardianship issues. His expertise covers complex legal matters such as tax liability, asset protection strategies, property transfers between generations and more.

His areas of practice include: * Estate Planning * Trusts & Wills

* Probate Law * Guardianship Issues * Tax Liability Strategies

* Asset Protection Strategies

Question: How Long Has Michael Been Practicing Law

Michael has been practicing law since 2008. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2005 and began his legal career shortly afterwards. Here are some key highlights of his time as a lawyer:

* Represented clients in civil and criminal matters at the state, federal, and international levels * Argued cases before judges, juries, arbitrators, and appellate courts * Drafted motions for summary judgment, requests for discovery documents, trial briefs and other legal pleadings

Question: Does Michael Offer Free Consultations

Yes, Michael does offer free consultations. He provides a 30-minute call for clients to discuss their goals and how his services can help them. During this consultation, he will answer any questions they may have and provide advice on which service would be best suited for their needs:

• Discuss goals and objectives • Answer any questions • Provide guidance on the most suitable service


In conclusion, Michael Mcmillan is an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who has a strong commitment to providing quality legal services to his clients. He is dedicated to helping people understand their rights and working with them through the complicated legal process. His expertise in the areas of civil litigation, family law, business law, criminal defense, estate planning and more make him a valuable resource for anyone seeking professional advice or representation.

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