Mcleod County Attorney Race

The McLeod County Attorney Race is a local election held every four years. The race is open to any qualified candidate who lives in the county and meets certain qualifications such as possessing an active law license and having practiced law for at least one year prior to the election. Candidates must also submit petitions signed by 500 residents of the county, declaring their candidacy.

Primary elections are used to narrow down the field of candidates before a general election takes place. The winner of this general election serves as McLeod County’s top prosecutor for four years, responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in courtrooms throughout the county.

The race for McLeod County Attorney is heating up as four candidates have thrown their hats into the ring. With three of the four challengers having extensive legal experience, voters are faced with a tough decision when it comes to who should be entrusted with leading this important office. The incumbent County Attorney, Bethany Schmoll, has spent nearly two decades in public service and is looking to continue her record of success.

Meanwhile, challengers George McKenna, Patrick Glynn and Steven Tjepkes each bring different skillsets to the table that could potentially make them strong contenders for the job. Voters will have plenty to consider when deciding on who should take over this key role in local government!

Mcleod County Election Results

The 2020 Mcleod County Election Results have been finalized, with the Republican party securing majorities in all county offices. In the race for Sheriff, incumbent Scott Rehmann came out on top over his Democratic challenger John Tieden. In addition, incumbents Suzanne Larson and Mark Shoberg won their respective races for County Commissioner positions.

All other officeholders also held onto their seats, maintaining a strong Republican hold in Mcleod County government.

Mcleod County Attorney Election Results

The McLeod County Attorney election was held on August 11th, and the results are in! The winner of the election is Kathryn Keena, who earned 54.45% of the vote. She will serve a four-year term as Mcleod County Attorney beginning on January 1st, 2021.

Congratulations to Ms. Keena for winning this highly contested race!

Mcleod County Election Results 2022

The 2022 Mcleod County election results are in, and the people have spoken! Incumbent Mark Buhrow has been re-elected to serve a fourth term as County Commissioner. Additionally, incumbent Clerk/Treasurer Mary Jo Miller was also re-elected to another four year term.

The race for Sheriff saw an upset victory with challenger Joe Anderson taking the office away from current Sheriff Mike Grothaus after a hard fought campaign. Finally, Amanda Johnson won the race for County Attorney over her opponent William Smith by a margin of 7%. Congratulations to all of our new and returning elected officials!

Mcleod County Primary Election 2022

The Mcleod County Primary Election for 2022 will take place on August 12th, 2022. Registered voters in the county will have the opportunity to cast their vote for local representatives and determine party nominations for state offices. All eligible voters are encouraged to participate in this important election and make their voices heard!

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Mcleod County Attorney Race


Who is the Assistant County Attorney for Mcleod County?

The current assistant county attorney for McLeod County is Nicole C. Miller, who was appointed to the position in November of 2019. Ms. Miller brings over a decade of experience practicing law, including significant expertise in criminal and civil litigation as well as dispute resolution. During her time with the McLeod County Attorney’s Office, she has been involved in numerous cases ranging from juvenile delinquency proceedings to traffic violations and property disputes.

She also serves on several committees within the office and works closely with other county departments to provide advice and representation regarding legal matters that arise throughout the year.

Who Won Hennepin County Attorney?

In the 2020 election, Hennepin County voters chose to re-elect Mike Freeman as their County Attorney. With a total of 1,076,843 votes cast in the county (the largest amount of any Minnesota county), and with 739,341 votes received by Freeman (over 68% of all votes cast), he was declared the winner. This is his fourth term as Hennepin County Attorney; he has been in office since 2007 and was first elected in 2006.

He won against challenger Mark Haase who ran on a platform of criminal justice reform.


In conclusion, the Mcleod County Attorney Race is an important race to watch in 2020. It will be interesting to see how voters respond to the candidates and their platforms. The outcome of this election could have a significant impact on the county for years to come.

Voters should take the time to weigh each candidate’s qualifications and stances carefully before casting their ballots in November.

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