Kevin James Attorney

Kevin James is an accomplished attorney specializing in business and corporate law. He has over 25 years of experience representing clients in a wide range of industries, including technology, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, real estate and finance. Kevin also assists with mergers & acquisitions as well as general contract negotiations.

He is highly respected among his peers for his ability to successfully negotiate complex legal issues on behalf of his clients. Additionally, Kevin regularly provides counsel on risk management strategies for businesses operating domestically and internationally. His vast knowledge makes him a sought-after advisor for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Kevin James is an experienced attorney who has been practicing law for over 20 years. He specializes in family, criminal and civil law, providing his clients with the highest quality legal representation possible. With a strong passion for justice and fairness, Kevin James fights to ensure that each of his clients receives the best possible outcome in their case.

As an advocate for those facing difficult times, he works diligently to protect the rights of individuals throughout California.

Who is Kevin James City Attorney?

Kevin James is the City Attorney of Los Angeles, California. He was appointed in October 2013 by Mayor Eric Garcetti and unanimously confirmed by the City Council. In this role, he serves as chief legal advisor and advocate for the city on all legal matters.

As City Attorney, Kevin provides expert counsel to all departments and elected officials on a wide range of issues including land use, labor relations, public contracting, environmental law and civil rights enforcement. He also works with other government agencies to develop policies that help protect residents’ safety and well-being while promoting economic growth throughout the city. With his extensive experience in municipal law across multiple practice areas, Kevin continues to serve LA’s citizens with dedication and commitment.

How to Get in Touch With Kevin James?

If you’re looking to get in touch with Kevin James, you have a few options. You can reach out to him directly through his official website and fill out the contact form found there. Additionally, if you are a member of any social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, you can follow him on those platforms and send him a direct message.

If you prefer traditional methods of communication such as mail, his agent accepts fan mail at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), 2000 Avenue Of The Stars Los Angeles CA 90067 USA. Finally, if you would like to meet Kevin James in person for an autograph or photo opportunity, he often attends conventions throughout the year so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates about his public appearances!

Kevin James Attorney


Kevin James Election

Kevin James, a Republican attorney and former radio talk show host, recently announced his candidacy for the office of Mayor of Los Angeles. He seeks to unseat current mayor Eric Garcetti in the 2021 election. Kevin is an outspoken advocate for fiscal responsibility within government and believes that Los Angeles needs bold leadership to get back on track.

His campaign focuses heavily on improving public safety, tackling homelessness, creating more jobs, and expanding opportunities for small businesses. As he campaigns across the city of LA he has promised to bring transparency and accountability to City Hall if elected as Mayor in 2021.


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