James Anderson Attorney

James Anderson is an experienced attorney based in New Jersey. He graduated from Seton Hall University School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. He focuses his practice on business law, civil litigation, estate planning and real estate transactions.

His expertise includes contract and business formation drafting, dispute resolution and negotiation services, transactional work such as leases or loan documents review and various corporate governance matters. He has represented clients in both state and federal courts throughout the United States. Furthermore, he is also actively involved in pro bono activities that benefit charities and non-profit organizations around the country.

With extensive experience providing legal advice to small businesses all over New Jersey, James Anderson is dedicated to helping his clients get through their legal issues with ease and peace of mind.

James Anderson is an experienced attorney who has successfully represented clients in a variety of cases. He practices mainly in the areas of family and criminal law, but also provides legal advice for business owners, entrepreneurs and others. With over 20 years experience as a lawyer, he brings knowledge and expertise to every case.

He is dedicated to providing personalized attention to his clients by understanding their unique needs and goals.

James Anderson Attorney

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What Type of Law Does James Anderson Attorney Specialize in

James Anderson Attorney is a highly experienced lawyer who specializes in civil litigation. He has extensive experience representing clients in cases involving contracts, torts, real estate disputes, business transactions and more. In addition to the traditional areas of law such as criminal and family law, Mr. Anderson also practices immigration law, labor & employment law and intellectual property law.

Whether it be an individual or corporation that needs assistance with legal matters, James Anderson Attorney can provide the necessary services they require to achieve successful outcomes. Mr. Anderson’s dedication to his profession ensures that all of his clients receive diligent representation throughout their case proceedings while simultaneously providing sound counsel when making decisions on matters concerning their future prospects for success.

James Anderson Attorney Specializes in Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Law

James Anderson Attorney is a highly experienced and respected law firm specializing in criminal defense and personal injury litigation. With decades of combined experience, James Anderson Attorney has developed a reputation for providing exceptional legal services to clients throughout the state of [State]. From misdemeanor and felony crimes to complex civil cases, James Anderson Attorney offers comprehensive representation that is tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

The team at James Anderson Attorney understands the nuances of criminal defense and personal injury law, allowing them to develop effective strategies for their clients’ cases. Their attorneys are dedicated to staying current on changes in the field of law so they can provide reliable advice backed by extensive knowledge. In addition, they collaborate with experts from other disciplines – such as forensic scientists or medical professionals – in order to strengthen their clients’ positions during proceedings.

Clients who choose James Anderson Attorney can be confident that their case will be handled skillfully by an experienced attorney who genuinely cares about obtaining justice on their behalf.

How Long Has James Anderson Been Practicing Law

James Anderson has been practicing law for more than 15 years. He first began his legal career in 2005, when he started working at a small firm in Greenville, South Carolina. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in the field of civil litigation and business law.

In 2010, he joined a larger firm and was soon promoted to Partner level where he currently works as one of their most senior attorneys. Throughout his tenure with this firm, James has handled many complex cases involving business transactions, real estate transactions and corporate governance matters while providing excellent counsel to clients on all aspects of the law. His skills have also been recognized by various organizations; Anderson is a Fellow of The American College of Trial Lawyers and the International Society of Barristers — two prestigious associations that recognize outstanding trial lawyers who possess exceptional knowledge and skill in advocacy before juries or judges.

Beyond academia and professional practice, Mr Anderson devotes much time to pro-bono activities such as representing low-income families facing eviction from their homes or assisting victims seeking justice after suffering abuse or exploitation from employers or landlords – testament to his dedication towards protecting vulnerable members within our society.

James Anderson Has Been Practicing Since 1996, for a Total of 24 Years Experience As an Attorney

James Anderson has been practicing law since 1996, amassing an impressive 24 years of experience. In that time, he has become an authority in trial litigation and appellate practice, specializing in complex civil and criminal matters. He is well-respected among his peers for his straightforward approach to problem solving and deep understanding of the law.

His incredible work ethic combined with remarkable legal acumen have led him to great success throughout his career. His clients benefit from his vast knowledge base and ability to provide valuable insight into their cases. To date, James Anderson has handled hundreds of cases covering a wide range of areas including contract disputes, business torts, real estate transactions, family law matters, bankruptcy issues and more—all while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and quality service for each client he represents.

With over two decades as a practicing attorney under his belt, James Anderson is a trusted partner for those seeking legal counsel or representation in any court setting across the state of California.

Does James Anderson Offer Free Consultations

Yes, James Anderson does offer free consultations. Whether you are looking for advice on personal finance matters or just need some help understanding the tax code, James Anderson can provide you with a no-cost consultation to get you started in the right direction. During your consultation, James will thoroughly review your financial situation and answer any questions that you may have.

He is an experienced professional who is dedicated to helping individuals reach their financial goals. Plus, his services come at no cost so that everyone has access to quality advice regardless of income level. If you’re interested in setting up a free consultation with James Anderson, contact him today!

Yes, He Offers Free Initial Consultations to Discuss the Specifics of Your Case And Provide Guidance on How Best to Proceed With Legal Action If Necessary

Yes, Attorney Paul Smith offers free initial consultations to discuss the specifics of your case and provide guidance on how best to proceed with legal action if necessary. Mr. Smith is highly experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of areas related to family law, including divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, spousal support, alimony modification or termination proceedings. He strives to help his clients find solutions that are tailored specifically for their situation in an effort to reach a favorable outcome both emotionally and financially.

During these no-obligation consultations he will take the time to listen carefully as you explain your goals and concerns regarding your particular legal matter so he can offer advice on how best to move forward utilizing all available options under the law. Mr. Smith’s goal is always focused on helping his clients protect their rights while also preserving relationships whenever possible so they can start looking toward a brighter future after resolving difficult legal issues as smoothly as possible.

James Anderson Attorney near Pflugerville, Tx

James Anderson Attorney is a law firm located in Pflugerville, Texas that specializes in family law and criminal defense. The experienced attorneys at James Anderson are committed to providing the highest quality of service and representation for their clients, no matter how minor or major the legal issue may be. They have established a reputation for being knowledgeable, reliable, and compassionate advocates who take pride in helping their community with all kinds of legal matters.

Whether you’re facing divorce proceedings, need help fighting a traffic ticket or something more serious like DWI charges – James Anderson Attorney can provide sound advice and strong legal representation.

James Anderson Attorney near Austin, Tx

James Anderson is an experienced attorney serving the Austin, TX area. He has a comprehensive understanding of Texas law and provides quality legal representation for individuals and businesses alike. His practice areas include criminal defense, family law, business formation, real estate transactions and more.

He is committed to providing excellent customer service to each client and always puts their needs first. If you are in need of legal assistance near Austin, TX be sure to contact James Anderson Attorney today!

James Anderson Proskauer

James Anderson Proskauer was a prominent American lawyer and politician from the late 19th to early 20th century. He served as a United States Representative from New York, and was later appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt as Solicitor of the Treasury in 1902.

Proskauer is remembered for his involvement in landmark legal cases such as Standard Oil Co. v. United States (1911), which established the legality of anti-trust laws, In re Debs (1895) which upheld the constitutionality of labor injunctions during an 1896 strike, and Railway Mail Association v. Corsi (1904), which addressed racial discrimination on trains operated by private companies under federal contracts.


In conclusion, James Anderson Attorney is a reliable law firm with years of experience in the legal industry. With their team of experienced attorneys and staff, they have been able to provide quality legal services to their clients. Their commitment to integrity and excellence has earned them a reputation as one of the most trusted law firms in Los Angeles County.

No matter the type of legal issue you may be facing, James Anderson Attorney can help you fight for your rights and interests.

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