Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 4

Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 4 revolves around the theft of a valuable painting from the British Embassy. The protagonist, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, is tasked with finding out who stole the artwork and defending their client in court. Through investigation and cross-examining witnesses, Ryunosuke discovers that the thief was one of three people who had recently been to an auction held in Tokyo: Edwin Winfield, Jonathan Blackwood, or Eliza Scarlet.

In addition to these suspects, he also finds evidence linking a servant at the embassy to the crime as well. During court proceedings it is revealed that Jonathan Blackwood was indeed responsible for stealing the painting and selling it on to another buyer for a hefty sum of money. With this knowledge uncovered by Ryunosuke’s keen detective skills and sharp courtroom rhetoric, his client is exonerated from all charges – leading him to victory yet again!

The fourth case of Great Ace Attorney 2 is one of the most memorable and thought-provoking cases in the game. Players are tasked with finding out who killed a museum curator during a snowstorm, and must rely on both their detective skills and legal knowledge to solve this cold case. With plenty of twists and turns along the way, players will be kept guessing until they reach the final verdict!

Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 3

The third case of the Great Ace Attorney 2 game is a thrilling murder mystery set in Paris during the Belle Époque. The player takes on the role of rookie defense lawyer Ryunosuke Naruhodo as he attempts to prove his client’s innocence in a complex and confounding crime. With an all-star cast of characters, including Sherlock Holmes himself, it promises to be an enthralling adventure full of plot twists, brain teasers, and engaging dialogue.

Get ready for a captivating courtroom drama like no other!

Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 5

The fifth case of the Great Ace Attorney 2 game is set in London during the Victorian Era. Players take on the role of Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a Japanese attorney who is determined to prove his client’s innocence against an English barrister and aristocrat. The case revolves around a mysterious theft at a prestigious club, with players having to investigate sites related to it while also presenting evidence in court.

Along the way, they must unravel clues and interrogate witnesses as they battle for justice and face off against their opponents in intense courtroom duels.

Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 4 Walkthrough

If you’re stuck on Case 4 of Great Ace Attorney 2, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Our walkthrough will provide a step-by-step guide to help you get through the case. We’ll cover important conversations, evidence gathering and courtroom battles so that you can make it to the end with ease.

With our help, you’ll be able to figure out every puzzle and see justice served in no time!

Twisted Karma And His Last Bow Investigation Part 2

In Part 2 of Twisted Karma and His Last Bow Investigation, Detective John Carver continues his investigation into the mysterious death of a local business owner. With the help of his partner, they uncover a web of secrets that could lead to answers about who killed the man. As they dig deeper and further their investigation, they find out more shocking details about why he was murdered in cold blood and what sinister forces are at play behind it all.

Ultimately, it is up to them to unravel this tangled knot before someone else falls victim to these twisted schemes.

The Great Ace Attorney Case 2

The Great Ace Attorney Case 2 is the sequel to the original game, The Great Ace Attorney. It was released in Japan in August 2017 and takes place seven years after the first game, with a new cast of characters and an all-new story. Players take on the role of Ryunosuke Naruhodou as he investigates mysterious cases involving supernatural elements while trying to prove his client’s innocence.

With its unique blend of mystery, comedy, and courtroom drama, The Great Ace Attorney Case 2 is sure to provide hours of riveting entertainment for fans both old and new.

Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 4


What is the Plot of Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 4

The fourth case of the Great Ace Attorney 2 is set in the Meiji Era and revolves around a mysterious incident known as the “Incident at Ryumei Manor”. The protagonist, Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, is called to investigate after it was discovered that one of his former classmates had been attacked by an unknown assailant. During his investigation he meets Kiyoshi Tsurugi, a young man with a passion for historical research who has taken on the role of detective.

With Kiyoshi’s help and some clever reasoning from Ryuunosuke, they uncover secrets hidden within Ryumei Manor that lead to discovering what really happened during the incident. In addition to solving this mystery, Ryuunosuke also learns more about himself and discovers how closely connected he is with those involved in this case. Ultimately players must find out who is behind this sinister plot before it can be carried out!

Who are the Main Characters in Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 4

The main characters in Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 4 are Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba. Ryunosuke is a defense attorney who works with his assistant, Susato, to investigate the mysterious death of Lord Gonta Aai. As the case progresses, they uncover secrets about the past of both their client and the deceased lord that could have devastating consequences for Japan’s future.

They must use their wits and legal expertise to find out what really happened and bring justice for everyone involved.

How Does Case Four Differ from the Other Cases in Great Ace Attorney 2

Case 4 of Great Ace Attorney 2 differs from the other cases in that it is an entirely different type of case, as opposed to a criminal investigation. This chapter introduces a new legal system known as “Civil Justice” which allows players to take on civil disputes between two parties instead of a criminal trial. In Civil Justice, players must analyze evidence and testimonies presented by both sides before making their judgment on who should win the dispute.

Additionally, this case features more puzzle solving elements than the previous three cases and requires players to explore multiple locations around Japan in order to locate clues or interview witnesses related to the case at hand.

What Type of Evidence Can Be Used to Solve Clues in This Case

When trying to solve clues in a case, there are various types of evidence that can be used. This includes physical evidence such as fingerprints, fibers, and other forensic evidence. In addition, circumstantial evidence such as witness statements or video surveillance footage may be used to establish a link between the suspect and the crime scene.

Additionally, digital records like emails or text messages may also provide important information when piecing together the puzzle of a case. Collectively these different types of evidence can all work together to help police officers build an accurate picture of what took place during the crime.

Are There Any Additional Mysteries Or Hidden Secrets Revealed During This Case

Yes, there are several additional mysteries and hidden secrets revealed during this case. As the investigation progresses, new pieces of evidence come to light that further complicate the case and reveal more secrets. For example, some suspects may be hiding information about their whereabouts or activities prior to or during the crime, while others may have connections to previously unknown persons of interest.

Additionally, witnesses may provide new insights into the crime scene or shed light on previously unexplored angles of the case. Even seemingly minor details like a footprint left at a crime scene can lead detectives down unexpected paths in their search for truth. Ultimately, each piece of evidence uncovered throughout an investigation has the potential to open up a wealth of hidden secrets and mysteries that can help investigators solve even the most difficult cases.


Overall, this blog post provided an in-depth look at the fourth case of Great Ace Attorney 2. It delved into the plot and characters, as well as providing helpful tips to progress through it. This post is beneficial for anyone looking for more information about this particular game or wanting a refresher on some of its key points.

With this comprehensive overview of Case 4, players should have no trouble completing their task with ease and having a successful playthrough of Great Ace Attorney 2!