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Brandon Smith is an attorney in Washington, Indiana. He specializes in business law and litigation, as well as criminal defense. He has experience representing clients in a variety of legal matters including contract disputes, landlord/tenant issues, personal injury cases, civil rights violations and more.

In addition to his practice areas he also provides consultation services on topics such as tax planning, estate planning and asset protection. Brandon Smith is committed to providing quality legal representation with the utmost respect for each client’s individual needs and circumstances while delivering personalized service that exceeds expectations.

Brandon Smith is an experienced attorney based in Washington, Indiana. He has been practicing law for over a decade and specializes in real estate transactions, business formations, family law matters, wills & trusts, and more. He is committed to providing his clients with the best legal advice possible while ensuring they are treated fairly and ethically throughout the process.

With Brandon’s knowledge of state laws as well as his dedication to excellent customer service, he is sure to provide you with the representation you need.

How Long Has Brandon Smith Been Practicing Law in Washington Indiana

Brandon Smith has been practicing law in Washington Indiana for over 30 years. He started his law career in the early 1990s, and since then he has served numerous clients across the state. Throughout his three decades of practice, Brandon Smith has developed a reputation as one of the most respected attorneys in Washington Indiana.

His experience and knowledge of both local and federal laws have enabled him to provide exemplary service to countless individuals who have faced legal issues throughout their lives.

What Areas of Law Does Brandon Smith Specialize in

Brandon Smith is a highly respected lawyer who specializes in several areas of law, including contract and business law, real estate and property law, immigration law, civil litigation, family law and criminal defense. He has extensive experience handling complex legal matters for individuals as well as businesses. His knowledge in all these areas of the legal system allows him to provide his clients with high-quality legal services that are tailored to their specific needs.

Brandon Smith also provides invaluable advice on how to navigate through the court systems efficiently and effectively so that his clients can achieve their desired results.

Does Brandon Smith Offer Free Consultations for Potential Clients

Yes, Brandon Smith offers free consultations for potential clients. During a consultation, Brandon will listen to your needs and goals and provide you with valuable advice about the best way to move forward. He’ll also answer any questions you may have about his services or how he can help you achieve success.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Brandon is an expert at helping entrepreneurs create long-term success for their businesses. So if you’re looking for guidance from an experienced professional, don’t hesitate to take advantage of his free consultation service.

What Kind of Experience Does Brandon Smith Have in Criminal Defense Cases

Brandon Smith has extensive experience in criminal defense cases. He has been involved with numerous felony and misdemeanor cases over the past decade, ranging from drug possession to murder charges. He is familiar with various types of defenses such as self-defense, insanity, entrapment, duress and more.

Additionally, he is well-versed in the rules of evidence and legal procedures related to trial preparation and courtroom presentation. Mr. Smith also understands how prosecutors build their cases against defendants and can use that knowledge to help his clients secure a favorable outcome for their case.

How Can I Contact Brandon Smith to Discuss My Legal Issue

If you need to contact Brandon Smith to discuss your legal issue, the best way is to reach out directly by email or phone. You can find his contact information on his law firm’s website. If you have specific questions for Mr. Smith about a particular case or situation, make sure you include them in your message so that he can better understand and respond to your inquiry.

Additionally, if there are documents or other materials related to your legal issue that may be helpful for him to review beforehand, include those as well when reaching out via email or phone.


This blog post has provided an overview of the legal services offered by Brandon Smith Attorney in Washington Indiana. It is clear that Brandon Smith Attorney provides a wide range of legal services, ranging from estate planning to criminal law. He also offers free consultations and can provide personalized advice based on the individual needs of his clients.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, it is obvious why he is a trusted and respected attorney in Washington Indiana. For individuals looking for quality, experienced legal counsel, Brandon Smith Attorney should definitely be considered as an option.

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