Attorney Dustin Hite

Attorney Dustin Hite is a highly experienced and accomplished attorney in the field of business law. He has been practicing since 2005, representing clients in a variety of matters related to corporate transactions, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, securities regulation and compliance, real estate deals, employment issues, intellectual property rights and more. In addition to his legal practice he also serves as an adjunct professor at William & Mary Law School where he teaches courses on business negotiations and litigation.

His extensive experience makes him one of the top attorneys in the area for businesses looking for representation with complex legal matters.

Attorney Dustin Hite is an experienced lawyer with a proven track record of success. He has represented clients in numerous complex legal matters and achieved favorable outcomes. His areas of expertise include personal injury, workers’ compensation, civil litigation and business law.

With over 20 years of legal experience, Attorney Hite has the knowledge, skills and resources needed to provide quality representation for his clients. He takes the time to understand each client’s unique situation in order to develop tailored strategies that seek the best possible results.

Attorney Dustin Hite


Question: What Kind of Experience Does Attorney Dustin Hite Have

Attorney Dustin Hite has extensive experience in family law, business litigation and contract negotiation. He is an experienced litigator who has successfully represented clients in a variety of legal matters: • Family Law – Divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, alimony orders and marital property division issues.

• Business Litigation – Breach of contract claims, partnership disputes and non-compete agreements. • Contract Negotiation – Drafting contracts for businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to international corporations. Attorney Hite’s years of experience provide him with a unique insight into the nuances of each case he takes on, enabling him to effectively represent his clients’ interests in court or at the negotiating table.

He is Also a Certified Mediator With the Florida Supreme Court

He is a Certified Mediator with the Florida Supreme Court. This certification provides him with the knowledge and skills to facilitate agreement between disputing parties, through an impartial process of communication and negotiation. Benefits include:

• Improved relationships between those in conflict • Increased understanding of each party’s interests • Faster resolution of conflicts without costly litigation.

Question: Does Attorney Dustin Hite Offer Free Consultations

Yes, Attorney Dustin Hite offers free consultations. He believes that every client should have the chance to get to know him before making a decision about their representation. Here are some of the benefits of his free consultation:

– Get an understanding of your legal situation and options – Ask questions and receive knowledgeable answers from an experienced attorney – Learn more about Attorney Hite and his practice

Attorney Hite provides high quality, personalized service with each case he takes on. His commitment to providing exceptional services is evident in the fact that all potential clients can speak with him for free.

Question: What Areas of Law Does Attorney Dustin Hite Specialize in

Attorney Dustin Hite specializes in the following areas of law: * Family Law * Estate Planning

* Real Estate Transactions By focusing exclusively on these core practice areas, Attorney Hite is able to provide clients with top-notch legal services and guidance. He is experienced in navigating through complex family law issues and providing sound advice for estate planning needs.

Additionally, he has expertise in real estate transactions and contract matters.


In conclusion, Attorney Dustin Hite is a highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney who provides excellent legal services to his clients. His vast experience in handling complex cases has allowed him to provide sound advice and representation for those seeking justice. He is committed to helping individuals resolve their legal matters in an effective manner while providing the highest level of customer service possible.

With his commitment to excellence, Attorney Dustin Hite is undoubtedly one of the best attorneys in the area.

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