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Attorney Columbus Ms is an attorney practice based in Columbus, Mississippi. The firm specializes in areas such as civil litigation, criminal defense and family law. They have a team of experienced lawyers that provide effective legal representation for their clients.

Attorney Columbus Ms also offers services such as estate planning, bankruptcy advice and real estate transactions. In addition to helping clients with their legal needs they provide free consultations to help individuals understand the various aspects of the law and find the best way forward for them. Their goal is to ensure that every client has access to justice no matter what their background or financial situation may be.

If you are in need of a reliable and experienced attorney in Columbus, MS, look no further than the Law Office of Tom Watson. With years of experience helping clients with legal matters such as family law, personal injury cases, criminal defense and more, Tom Watson is an experienced professional who can provide superior legal representation and ensure your rights are protected. He understands the stresses that come with any type of legal issue and works hard to help his clients navigate their way through the process while providing sound advice throughout.

Whether you have a case pending or need assistance on a contract dispute, contact the Law Office of Tom Watson today for assistance from a qualified attorney in Columbus, MS.

Divorce Lawyers in Columbus, Ms

Divorce can be a difficult and stressful process, but having an experienced divorce lawyer in Columbus, MS on your side can make the process smoother. With experience in family law, local divorce lawyers are knowledgeable of Mississippi’s laws and regulations regarding separation and dissolution of marriage. They will also provide you with personal support during this tough time in your life.

A good lawyer understands that every situation is different and they will work hard to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Family Law Attorney Columbus, Ms

A family law attorney in Columbus, MS can provide you with the legal guidance and representation needed to navigate through complicated family matters such as divorce, child custody and support, spousal support, adoption proceedings, guardianship issues and more. From helping draft prenuptial agreements to navigating complex division of assets during a separation or divorce, a skilled family law attorney can assist clients throughout the entire process. If you are looking for experienced legal assistance in any area of family law in the Columbus area then it is highly recommended that you seek out an experienced local lawyer who understands the complexities of Mississippi state laws.

Attorney Columbus Ms


Does Power of Attorney Need to Be Notarized in Ms?

Yes, a Power of Attorney (POA) document in Mississippi must be notarized for it to be legally valid. Not only does the POA need to be notarized, but it also needs to have two witnesses sign the document and their signatures must also be notarized. The person giving power is known as the Principal and they must sign the POA in front of a public notary who will certify that he or she was present at the time and witnessed them signing it.

Any changes made after this point are considered invalid and any amendments should also go through this same process with all parties involved being properly identified before anything can take effect. This ensures that any decisions made by someone acting on behalf of another party are done so fairly and honestly without any coercion or deception taking place. Additionally, any actions taken under an un-notarized POA may still be challenged in court if found out to lack proper legal authorization.

What is Power of Attorney in Mississippi?

Power of Attorney in Mississippi is a legal document that provides one person with the authority to act on behalf of another person. In Mississippi, Power of Attorney grants someone else the power to make decisions and take action on your behalf in matters such as financial transactions, real estate transactions, medical decisions or other legal matters. When granting Power of Attorney it’s important for you to understand what kind of authority you are giving up and whether it can be revoked at any time.

In Mississippi, there are two types of Power of Attorney: durable and non-durable. Durable means that the attorney has the right to continue making decisions even if you become incapacitated due to an illness or injury while non-durable means they only have rights while you are mentally competent. It’s important that anyone executing a Power of Attorney document understands all aspects including who will have access to your information, when they will be able to exercise their powers and what actions they may take without prior approval from you or another designated party.

Does a Power of Attorney Require Witnesses in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, a power of attorney does require witnesses. This document is an important legal document that appoints someone to have the authority to act on behalf of another person in certain circumstances. A valid power of attorney should include two adult witnesses who are unrelated and disinterested (i.e., not related to either party).

The witnesses must be present when the principal signs the POA, and then sign it themselves afterwards in front of each other as confirmation that they witnessed the signing. It is also recommended that the signatures be notarized for added protection and validity under Mississippi law. Additionally, if you’re using a health care or durable POA, these documents may require additional requirements including medical professionals as witnesses or even more stringent language than standard powers of attorney that are used for financial matters only.

Therefore, having two unrelated adults with no stake in either side witness your signature on any type of Power Of Attorney can provide assurance that all parties involved understand what they agreed upon and help prevent fraud or future disputes related to this important legal transaction.

Is Columbus Mississippi a Good Place to Live?

Columbus, Mississippi is a great place to live! With an abundance of amenities and attractions, this vibrant city offers something for everyone. From the historic downtown area known as ‘The Island’, which features unique restaurants and shops as well as art galleries, to the nearby Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Residents also enjoy easy access to local hospitals and medical care facilities. The cost of living in Columbus is much lower than other cities in the region too making it ideal for those looking to stretch their dollar further. There’s a strong sense of community here that can’t be found anywhere else – with frequent festivals and events throughout the year you’ll always feel welcomed by your neighbors.

All in all Columbus makes a great home whether you’re raising a family or enjoying retirement – come experience what life has to offer!


In conclusion, Attorney Columbus Ms is a great resource for those looking for legal advice and representation in the Columbus area. They offer experienced attorneys with extensive experience in all aspects of law. Their team also provides comprehensive services such as legal research, drafting documents, preparing cases for trial and more.

With their knowledge and expertise, they are committed to providing quality service to each client with prompt responses to any inquiries or concerns that arise.

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