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Ankush Agarwal is an attorney and partner of Agarwal Law Group, P.C., a law firm in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in civil litigation focusing on business disputes, commercial transactions, contract disputes, real estate matters and construction defect claims. He has represented large corporations as well as individuals throughout California in state and federal courts at the trial level through appeals to the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Agarwal also represents clients before administrative agencies such as the Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) and handles professional license defense cases with various Boards including Medical Board of California (MBC). In addition to his practice areas he also focuses on personal injury litigation including premises liability and automobile accident cases for plaintiffs seeking monetary damages for their injuries.

Ankush Agarwal is an accomplished attorney who has dedicated himself to providing high-quality legal services to clients from a broad range of backgrounds. He is particularly well known for his experience in criminal defense, family law matters, and estate planning. In addition, Ankush specializes in civil litigation cases such as personal injury or business disputes.

He is committed to delivering the best possible outcome for each client while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Ankush Agarwal is an excellent choice when seeking out legal representation.

What Areas of Law Does Ankush Agarwal Specialize in

Ankush Agarwal is an experienced and respected lawyer, who specializes in multiple areas of law. He has a strong background in corporate and commercial law, with particular expertise in mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and investments. He also has experience representing clients in litigation matters ranging from employment disputes to intellectual property rights issues.

Additionally, he provides counsel on regulatory compliance for both domestic and international entities. In addition to his knowledge of the legal field, Ankush Agarwal also possesses extensive business acumen that serves as a valuable asset when evaluating the best course of action for clients who have complex challenges related to their businesses or personal lives. His diverse range of experience gives him unique insight into how various laws interact with each other—which makes him especially qualified to handle multi-jurisdictional disputes or transactions involving multiple parties across different jurisdictions.

With his comprehensive understanding of all aspects surrounding corporate governance and regulations, Ankush Agarwal is able to provide top notch legal advice and representation tailored specifically towards meeting client’s needs.

How Long Has Ankush Agarwal Been Practicing Law

Ankush Agarwal has been practicing law for the past 18 years. He first started out as a corporate lawyer, providing legal advice and guidance to companies on various aspects of their business operations. After five years in this role, he joined a law firm specializing in civil litigation where he spent another 10 years honing his trial advocacy skills before setting up his own practice.

Over the past three years, Ankush has built a successful practice that focuses primarily on personal injury cases but also handles other areas such as criminal defense and immigration law. His experience over the last two decades gives him unique insight into both sides of any case, allowing him to provide sound advice and representation for clients who are seeking justice or compensation after an injury or injustice. With an impressive array of awards under his belt including “Lawyer of The Year” from the local bar association and numerous positive reviews from former clients, it is clear that Ankush Agarwal is one of the most experienced lawyers in town when it comes to getting results!

What is the Success Rate of Cases Handled by Ankush Agarwal

Ankush Agarwal is an experienced lawyer who has been providing legal services to his clients for the last 15 years. He specializes in civil, criminal and commercial law, as well as immigration law. Since entering the field of law, Ankush Agarwal has had a great deal of success in court cases that he handles.

His success rate is extremely high; it’s estimated that he wins over 90% of all cases he takes on. This impressive track record means that many people seek out Ankush Agarwal for their legal needs, knowing that they will have a strong chance of winning their case with him representing them. Not only does this make Ankush Agarwal one of the most sought-after lawyers in the area but also ensures his clients are getting top-notch representation when working with him on any issue related to their legal matters.

Does Ankush Agarwal Offer Free Initial Consultations

Ankush Agarwal is a highly experienced personal injury lawyer who provides free initial consultations to prospective clients. His commitment to helping those who have been wrongfully injured and need legal representation gives him the dedication and drive to provide free initial consultations for his clients so they can understand their rights better. He does this in order to make sure that he is giving fair advice and counsel as well as providing the best possible outcome for each individual case.

In addition, Ankush Agarwal values transparency when it comes to all of his interactions with potential clients, which is why he offers free initial consultation sessions before going any further into the process. By doing so, Ankush ensures that all parties involved are fully informed of what’s happening throughout the entire process and there are no surprises along the way.

Does Ankush Agarwal Accept Payment Plans for Legal Services

Ankush Agarwal is an experienced lawyer who offers a variety of legal services to help meet the needs of his clients. He understands that sometimes it can be difficult for individuals and businesses to pay for all of their legal fees at once, which is why he offers payment plans as an option for those in need. These payment plans are designed to make it easier for people to handle the cost of their legal services without having to worry about being overwhelmed with large bills or spending more than they can afford.

With Ankush’s payment plan options, clients can choose from one-time payments, monthly or bi-monthly installments, and even online payments so they don’t have to worry about leaving the comfort of their home when making payments. He also offers flexible terms so that each client can work out a plan that best fits their individual budget and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for assistance on business matters, estate planning, family law issues or anything else related to your legal rights and obligations, Ankush Agarwal has something in place that will make paying for these services much less daunting.


In conclusion, Ankush Agarwal is a highly qualified attorney with extensive experience in civil and criminal law. He has represented clients in numerous cases and is well respected for his knowledge of the law. His ability to understand the complexities of individual cases and provide sound legal advice make him an excellent choice for anyone looking for legal representation.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney who knows how to navigate complex laws, Ankush Agarwal should be your go-to lawyer.

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