Adam Lipson Attorney San Francisco

Adam Lipson is an experienced attorney based in San Francisco. He has a wide range of expertise, including business and corporate law, real estate law, intellectual property law, employment law and litigation. Adam graduated from the University of California Hastings College of Law and has been practicing for more than 20 years.

He takes pride in providing top-notch legal advice to his clients with a personal touch. His practice focuses on finding pragmatic solutions that are tailored to fit each client’s unique needs. Adam is highly respected by his peers in the San Francisco legal community and strives to provide quality representation with integrity and professionalism at all times.

Adam Lipson is an attorney based in San Francisco who specializes in corporate law. With over 25 years of legal experience, Adam has a deep knowledge and understanding of the local business climate as well as the complex regulations that govern it. He takes pride in providing his clients with professional representation, strategic guidance, and practical solutions to their legal issues.

Whether you need advice on tax planning or help forming a new company, Adam Lipson can provide sound counsel backed by decades of expertise.

Adam Lipson Attorney San Francisco


Who is the Chief Public Defender of San Francisco?

The Chief Public Defender of San Francisco is Jeff Adachi. He was appointed by Mayor Ed Lee in 2011 and has served with distinction ever since. As the chief public defender, Mr. Adachi oversees the Public Defender’s Office which provides legal representation to people who otherwise could not afford it or would be represented by a court-appointed attorney.

Under his leadership, the office has made great strides in increasing access to justice for all citizens regardless of their socio-economic background or ability to pay for an attorney. In addition, he strives to ensure that those accused of crimes receive fair trials and are treated fairly under the law – something that often gets overlooked when it comes to criminal defense cases. As a result of his commitment, Mr. Adachi has become one of San Francisco’s most respected public defenders and continues working diligently on behalf of its citizens every day.

Who is the Deputy Public Defender in San Francisco?

The Deputy Public Defender in San Francisco is an experienced attorney who represents clients accused of crimes in the city and county. The office is run by Attorney Manohar Raju, who was appointed to the post by Mayor London Breed in August 2019. Mr. Raju has dedicated his career to public service and criminal justice reform, having worked as a deputy district attorney for eight years before serving as the Chief Assistant District Attorney for two years prior to joining the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.

He has also served on numerous boards and commissions that focus on fighting injustice, advocating for underserved communities, and amplifying civil rights issues throughout California. As Deputy Public Defender, he oversees a team of lawyers who fight hard every day to ensure their client’s constitutional rights are protected. His commitment to protecting civil liberties and delivering equal justice under law make him an outstanding leader at this critical time when our legal system faces new challenges every day.


In conclusion, Adam Lipson is a highly-skilled and experienced attorney in San Francisco. He has a deep understanding of the local legal system, as well as an extensive knowledge of various legal topics. From complex business litigation to family law matters, he can provide knowledgeable and reliable advice for any situation.

With his expertise and dedication to providing excellent client service, Adam Lipson is an outstanding choice for anyone needing professional legal representation in the San Francisco area.

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