Aba Forum on Construction Law

The ABA Forum on Construction Law is a national organization of attorneys who specialize in the legal aspects of construction law. It was founded in 1977 as a section within the American Bar Association (ABA). The Forum provides lawyers with timely and relevant information on changes to laws, regulations, and case law impacting the construction industry.

It also offers educational programs for members, including webinars and conferences. Additionally, it publishes several publications such as “Construction Lawyer” magazine featuring articles from experts in the field. The forum also provides resources for clients seeking counsel with issues related to construction projects or transactions.

By joining this organization, an attorney can stay up-to-date on critical developments relating to their practice area while networking with other professionals around the country specialized in the same field.

The Aba Forum on Construction Law is a great resource for anyone with an interest in construction law. With experts from all over the world, it provides valuable insights into the legal aspects of this complex industry. Through webinars, seminars and other events, members can learn about the latest developments in construction law and stay up-to-date on important topics.

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience in construction law, the Aba Forum is sure to be a beneficial part of your professional development.

What Topics are Discussed at the Aba Forum on Construction Law

The Aba Forum on Construction Law is a discussion forum for legal professionals interested in all aspects of the construction industry. Topics discussed at the forum include: • Contract formation and breach of contract;

• Risk management and dispute resolution; • Litigation, arbitration, and mediation; • Construction laws across jurisdictions;

• Regulatory compliance issues. In addition to these topics, the forum serves as a platform where experienced attorneys can share their knowledge with other members who are interested in understanding how best to handle construction-related legal issues.

The Aba Forum on Construction Law Typically Covers a Range of Topics Related to Construction Law in the United States, Such As Contracts, Bidding Processes, Insurance And Bond Issues, Dispute Resolution Methods, And Other Relevant Legal Matters

The Aba Forum on Construction Law is an annual event that focuses on a variety of topics concerning construction law in the United States. It covers: * Contracts

* Bidding processes * Insurance and bond issues * Dispute resolution methods

At the forum, leading legal professionals explore these topics through lectures, panel discussions and workshops to help attendees achieve greater insights into construction law. This makes it a valuable resource for lawyers interested in staying up-to-date with relevant legal matters.

Who Attends the Aba Forum on Construction Law

The Aba Forum on Construction Law is attended by a variety of legal professionals. These include: * Attorneys with construction law experience

* Engineers and architects with an understanding of the legal issues influencing construction projects * Contractors who understand the importance of proper contract drafting, negotiation, and litigation support * Judges from state, federal, and administrative courts knowledgeable in resolving disputes arising out of construction transactions.

All attendees are interested in advancing their knowledge about current topics impacting the field.

The Forum is Attended by Attorneys Specializing in Construction Law from Across the Country As Well As Representatives from Government Agencies, Industry Groups And Academics With an Interest in This Field

The Forum on Construction Law is an annual event that attracts a wide range of attendees: * Attorneys from across the country specializing in construction law; * Representatives from government agencies;

* Industry groups; and * Academics with an interest in this field. This forum provides a platform for these diverse stakeholders to share their knowledge and experience, network, collaborate and shape best practices in this area of law.

How Often Does the Aba Forum on Construction Law Take Place

The Aba Forum on Construction Law takes place twice a year, in the spring and fall. Benefits: * Provides valuable information to practitioners in construction law

* Offers networking opportunities with other professionals in the industry * Keeps participants up-to-date with current trends and best practices This forum presents a great opportunity for both experienced attorneys and those just entering the field of construction law.

Aba Forum on Construction Law

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Aba Forum on Construction Law Midwinter Meeting 2022

The 2022 Aba Forum on Construction Law Midwinter Meeting will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from February 4th – 6th. Attendees of this meeting will have the chance to discuss some of the biggest issues facing construction law professionals today, including topics like contract disputes and emerging technologies in construction. The event also offers a variety of networking opportunities for legal professionals who specialize in or are interested in learning more about construction law.

This is an event that no one working within the field should miss!

Aba Forum on Construction Law Divisions

The Aba Forum on Construction Law holds annual Division meetings throughout the United States to provide a forum for construction law professionals from various practice areas to discuss current issues and exchange ideas. The Divisions are organized by geographical region, allowing members in each area to share their expertise and experience with colleagues close at hand. Through these meetings, members gain insight into developments in construction law that affect their practices, stay up-to-date on case law decisions, network with other lawyers working in related fields, and more.

Aba Forum on Construction Law Midwinter Meeting 2023

The American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law is hosting its Midwinter Meeting 2023 in New York City. The meeting will take place from February 16-19, with a variety of educational programming and networking opportunities for construction lawyers, law students, and other professionals involved in the industry. Attendees can also look forward to engaging panel discussions with leading experts exploring the most pressing legal issues affecting construction businesses throughout North America.

With its world-renowned speakers and cutting edge technical sessions, this event promises to be an invaluable experience for anyone interested in staying abreast of current trends within the field of Construction Law.


The Aba Forum on Construction Law provides an invaluable resource for legal professionals and construction industry personnel. It is a great platform to learn new information, share ideas, and network with others in the same field. The forum allows members to be actively involved in shaping the future of this area of law through discussion and dialogue.

With its comprehensive coverage of current issues related to construction law, it is undoubtedly an indispensable source of knowledge for anyone interested in this dynamic field.

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